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The New Hampshire Health Web Reporting and Query System, or NH HealthWRQS, is a web-based data analysis system that allows public health practitioners the ability to query data and view reports instantly about the health of New Hampshire communities. The system is organized in a series of modules based on common community health indicators. Each module contains a user’s guide which provides detailed, module-specific information and includes an introduction to the module, instructions on running and interpreting standard indicator reports, methodology and terminology used within the module, and detailed indicator lists with descriptions. The NH HealthWRQS website also contains information about the history and future of the system, training opportunities, and other sources of documentation. This website was created through funding from the CDC State Assessment Initiative.

Public Health Data at Your Fingertips

Click on the links below to get data reports. To apply for secure user access, please go here, or, if you have a secure user account, but need to reset your password, please e-mail EDWUserSupport@dhhs.state.nh.us. Finally, New Hampshire HealthWRQS reports are run by software that runs best with Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Reports can be run using Mozilla Firefox, however, we have observed slower run-times. Unfortunately, the software is not currently compatible with Google's Chrome or Apple Safari browser; other browser and hardware combinations have not been tested. If you absolutely need to use an incompatible browser, please contact us and we can help you access reports on the site.

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Please note that several of our user's guides and reports require software such as Adobe Reader to view. Please visit www.adobe.com to download the free viewer.

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Report Module