New Hampshire HealthWRQS is a community health web reporting and querying system that provides access to a wealth of commonly used public health statistics for standard and customized geographic areas and time periods. The HealthWRQS project is an initiative of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice at the University of New Hampshire. The first release of HealthWRQS was in 2005, in response to requests from public health professionals for better access to data to support community health assessment and improvement.

The system produces a suite of reports for commonly-used health indicators, called "Standard Indicator Reports". The reports include age-specific rates and age-adjusted rates for user-selectable sub-state areas, as well as statistical benchmarking against the state rates. The reports include statistics on cancer incidence, births and birth outcomes, causes of death, reasons for hospitalizations and emergency room visits, health behaviors and risk factors. In total, there are over 100 reports that can be run for one of three different geographic types relevant to New Hampshire. The user can selectively define aggregated geographic regions as well as "build" reports about particular cancer types and specific causes of injury. The flexibility of the system allows the user to create a suite of reports, customized for their information needs (e.g. about risk factors and results of particular chronic conditions) for their particular geographic area and time period of interest.

New Hampshire's Assessment Initiative (AI) project is augmenting the original NH HealthWRQS through the ongoing development of new modules based on the data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), health care claims data from the New Hampshire Comprehensive Health Information System (NHCHIS), and public health program performance measures data, specifically focused on tobacco related programs.


NH AI Project Team

  • Josephine Porter, MPH, Deputy Director, IHPP (Co-Principal Investigator of AI project)
  • Jose Montero, MD, Director, NHDHHS (Co-Principal Investigator of AI project)
  • Ned Helms, MS, Executive Director, IHPP
  • Amy Costello, MPH, Project Director, IHPP
  • Andrew Chalsma, Chief, Bureau of Data Systems and Management, NHDHHS
  • Joan Aschiem, MSN, Chief, Bureau of Policy and Performance Management, NHDHHS
  • Brook Dupee, Chief, Bureau of Public Health Informatics, NHDHHS
  • Sharon Alroy-Preis, MD, State Epidemiologist, NHDHHS
  • Ashley Peters, MPH, Research Associate, IHPP
  • Chris White, Data Analyst, IHPP
  • Marc Flore, Data Analyst, IHPP

This team was assembled to provide expertise for each of the new modules in development, as well as overall leadership of the program.