Future Plans

In 2011-2012, NH plans to focus on: (1) adding BRFSS indicator reports in a health behavior risk factor module for HealthWRQS, (2) launching the claims data module for HealthWRQS, (3) building and launching a prototype of the performance measures module specific to tobacco programs in NH, (4) seamlessly integrating the Cognos 8 HealthWRQS reports with other new modules (e.g. claims), (5) promoting HealthWRQS and exploring options for sustainability.

Next steps in the technical development of the HealthWRQS system include the continued improvement of HealthWRQS including: development of community health profiles that allow a user to define a custom geographic area and with one click receive multiple indicator reports; improved functionality that will allow release of an ad hoc query system to all approved users; improved report development tools that will speed development process of reports for the system.